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George Evens 18th September 2019

Outstanding website

JTM's website is outstanding and the website looks really professional because it has a constant blue and white colour scheme. It is also really easy to navigate the site and place orders.
Jill Gray 18th September 2019

Friendly staff

The customer service is excellent at JTM. The staff there are extremely friendly, helpful and professional.
Rob Smith 17th September 2019

First order

I recently placed my first order with JTM. The staff were super helpful. I will definitely be ordering from them again.
Jack Davies 17th September 2019

Friendly, helpful, polite

I recently placed an order with JTM. After placing the order I rang them up and asked them if I could add a few things to my order. The staff were helpful, friendly and polite even thought I wanted to add quite a few things to my order.
Kevin Jones 15th September 2019

Super prices

The prices for the products are super. I would recommend buying pluming stuff from them.
William Hepper 14th September 2019

A reliable company

JTM have nearly everything they sell in stock and if they do not they will inform you of when it is expected to come in with them. They will also tell you when they expect it to be delivered to you.
Eric Scott 14th September 2019

Really fast delivery

I regularly order from JTM And my orders are always delivered on time.
Paul Tyler 14th September 2019

Fabulous service

The customer service is great at JTM. All the staff are Friendly, helpful and give advice on what to buy.
Molly Potts 14th September 2019

Professional Website

The JTM website is really professional. Everything is organised into different sections making it easy to find what I needed and place an order.
Chris Hall 14th September

Customer service

I order some fittings in the wrong size . I sent them back and got a refund. The staff then helped me order the right size.