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Colin Greenwood

Great service

I bought an evohome water controller which wont switch on ... called and after sensible discussion about checking connections, battery etc. they will provide a replacement item and return via the same courier. Very impressed - THANKS
Jim Thornton 19th March 2020

Excellent customer service

The customer service is excellent at JTM. The staff were super friendly and helpful.
Nathan Gardener 19th March 2020

Amazing website

JTM's website is amazing. Everything is sorted into different categories, which are displayed at the top of every page. This makes it easy to navigate the site.
Oliver Todd 19th March 2020

Fast delivery

I placed a large order and it was delivered before the expected date. This really helped me. I will definitely be buying from them again.
Edward Hill 18th March 2020

Customer service

I order some fittings in the wrong size . I sent them back and got a refund. The staff then helped me order the right size.
Sophie Lee 18th March 2020

Frequently buy from JTM

I frequently buy from JTM because I know that they are a reliable company who sell good quality plumbing products.
Terry Marshall 17th January 2020


The service at JTM is magnificent.
Melvin Sampson 16th March

Lovely staff

Staff at JTM were so polite and helpful with my many changes and issues.
Harry Dunn 16th March 2020

Outstanding range

There is an outstanding range of Fernox chemicals at JTM. If you need Fernox chemicals I would recommend checking out the range at JTM.
Caleb Taylor 16th March 2020

Great as always

Order arrived promptly with nothing missing.