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Paul West 28th June 2020

Great Assistance

Emailed in an enquiry about Evohome, got a reply back with what I need to order for my system. It works a treat.
Ash Morral 26th June 2020

JG Underground

Had a delay with my order, sent in an email in and received the goods two days later as advised.
Joe Coates 25th June 2020

Brass Range

JTM brass range is exceptional
Graham Webster 22nd June 2020

Stainless Steel

Had a good range of stainless steel fittings and pipe. Had to wait 2 days for delivery.
Nathan Johnson 20th June 2020

Great Assistance

Sent in an email regarding my garden tap, got great advice and goods needed to fit it.
Kevin Hickson 19 June 2020


Needs to be easier to navigate through the website. Possibly alphabetical?
John Smith 18th June 2020


Had an issue with delivery, sent an email in and they managed to sort it out for me.
Darren Young 17th June 2020


Delivery of the goods was superb!
Simon Cane 17th June 2020


The range of fittings is exceptional.
Andrew Joult 16th June 2020


The range of malleable is very impressive, struggled from my normal supplier. I can continue to make my shelves at my desired size.