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Tim Hepper 20th January 2020

Frequently buy from JTM

I frequently buy from JTM. They are an amazing pluming merchant Some of the stuff I have bought from them I could not find any were else.
Miles Collins 20th January 2020

Outstanding service

The customer service at JTM is amazing. All the staff I spoke to were freindly and helpful.
Alice Thompson 17th January 2020

Fantastic delivery

I placed an order with JTM mid morning and it was deliver complete the next day.
Travis Lee 16th January 2020

Professional Website

The JTM website is really professional. Everything is organised into different sections making it easy to find what I needed and place an order.
Alexander Fletcher 16th January 2020


The prices at JTM are incredible and it is extremely easy to place an order online.
Wallace Childs 16th January 2020

Brilliant delivery

I placed an order on the morning and on the afternoon I added a few things. My order was still delivered when they said it would be on the morning.
Sharon Allen 16th January 2020


I am extremely impressed with the fantastic customer service I experienced while ordering from JTM. I will definitely be buying from them again.
Daniel Jeffries 15th January 2020

Extremely helpful

The staff at JTM are extremely helpful. If you ask questions about a products they sell they will try and answer your question.
Richard Coleman 15th January 2020

Incredible customer service

The customer service at JTM is incredible. All the staff are really helpful.
Evie Brown 13th January 2020

Would definilty recommened

I would definitely recommend buying from JTM Because they are a reliable company. That will try to help you get what you need if you are unsure and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Also their prices are incredible.